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Agricultural chemicals have a significant role in preserving the longevity of soil and food quality. Environex manufactures a variety of fertilisers that will keep plants from getting attacked by insect pests, weeds or disease. The chemicals are often fast-acting and produce speedy results all the while, staying eco-friendly and not harming the environment they are used in.

Environex offers a variety of plant and garden fertilisers that are perfect for a variety of different uses. Different kinds of fertilisers offered by Environex International such as Cropspur liquid fertilizer, Cropspur pasture 63 liquid and Cropspur Tem, are used to treat common disorders that affect fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicum (Blossom End Rot) and strawberry (to increase firmness).

Most of the fertiliser products offered by Environex are powdered Broadacre fertilizer, which has been incorporated in a broad range of trace elements. They dissolve readily in water and deliver nutrients available for instant absorption by the plants. Many fertilisers allow fertilisation via various method including drips, sprinklers and foliar and boom sprays.

Please take note of the different application for different products. Customers have to ensure that fertilizer drums are agitated fully before use. There is an application guide in the PDF file for each selected fertilizer. Lastly, all the fertilizers may be stored for at least 6 or 12 months.

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